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The Miners Voted OUT
The biggest recorded votes across Britain for out were recorded in the Regions where the coalfields are based...

A Blow For Peace And Democracy
John Pilger tells us why the majority vote by Britons to leave the European Union was an act of raw democracy

Reinstate Ken Livingstone
Corbyn must fight back against Britain’s Cointelpro, urges Tony Greenstein

Bad for the Environment, Bad for the Economy, Bad for Democracy
UKIP statement on energy

A laughing matter
Last week’s by-elections have proved once and for all that Nigel Farage and his party are a force to be reckoned with, notes Paul Demarty

Fingers in the Ears singing “la la la la” to drown out the nasty words….
DD talks about UKIP

Going Home
A Commemoration of the Great Miners Strike
9th March 2014
by Alison Aiken-Bennett

A Red Dawn Over Durham
Although their histories are quite different, the British Labour Party and our U.S. Democrats have one thing in common: both like to avoid too much public cuddling with workers...

A Truly Memorable Day
Graeme Atkinson discusses the unveiling of the exact replica of the historic 1938 banner of Durham Miners’ Association Follonsby Lodge at Wardley

...on economics and bullshit
As the country is slowly choked to death, penniless and poverty stricken to the point where Libraries and Public toilets are closed, fire services closed, hospitals and schools closed, welfare provisions cut to the bone, there seems to be money slushing around somewhere. From The Times.

Mesothelioma Prognosis
A letter from Allie Franco, Communications Director for Mesothelioma Prognosis

Durham Memories by Robert Chesshyre
This article about Easington Colliery appeared in the programme for ‘The Miners’ Hymns’ – a film by Bill Morrison and live musical score by Johann Johannson – produced by Forma and performed at Durham Cathedral on July 15th & 16th 2010.
‘Miners’ Hymns’ comes to London next year

Re-visiting the miners' strike 1984-85
Ray Rising, News Line reporterand photographer during the miners' strike gives his account of events at Stainforth's Hatfield Colliery in August 1984

When travelling in Vitenam
Dave recounts his experiences from his trip to Vietnam

Don’t Believe A Word?
Dave Douglass has a rant about the media and their depiction of "truth"

The Guardian - Wednesday September 1, 2004
Moving on seamlessly...
Childhood holidays for Booker-winning author DBC Pierre ranged from Acapulco
to Tahiti. But none, he says, left so deep an impression as his summer
visits 'back home' to the Durham Miners' Gala - or witnessing the sudden
death of mining communities

Mining Poetry
This a delightful and touching selection of mining poetry, reproduced here by kind prmission of the author, Del "Abe" Jones. (USA)

Shoot to Kill = Extrajudicial Killings = Assassination = State Sanctioned Cold Blooded Murder
Dave Edwards tells us his view on the government's shoot to kill policy

Dave is a Non Starter!
When a position for a person to organise their local community came up, Dave thought he was the ideal candidate.

Coal Is The Answer
Coal is the right fuel for electricity generation, but
power producers said Monday that it must burn cleaner to meet tougher
standards for air quality.

The Royal Garden, Berwick.
Dave gets dissed at The Royal Garden, Berwick.

Dust to dust.
Twenty years ago the Selby coalfield, the most advanced of its kind, came into operation, promising jobs for life and long-term prosperity for the region. Yet today, the last of the five pits closes down..

Moving on seamlessly...
Memories of the Durham Miners' Gala, from DBC Pierre's novel, Vernon God Little, which won the Man Booker prize in 2003.

Arthur Scargill and the end of a fantasy
Simon Harvey recounts the sorry tale of how Arthur Scargill ran, dominated and unintentionally killed his own creation

Scargill expels Brar
Weekly Worker 530 Thursday May 27 2004.

The Miners Great Strike
Ian Donovan examines the background to the miners’ Great Strike

Part 1 -
Strategic confrontation in the making
Part 2 -
Pickets, ballots and workers’ defence
Part 3 -
Solidarity squandered
Part 4 -
Aftermath of defeat


Opening the second front
Alan Stevens recalls the decisive moments of the dockers unofficial strike in July 1984
Weekly Worker 521 Thursday March 25 2004.

Dave Potts - X NUM Branch Secretary Manton SY.

The 20th Anniversary of The Great Strike
Some letters and pictures

My Father In-law
A letter from the descendants of a Northumberland miner.

UK Hypocrisy
Joe Henshaw tells of the differing sympathies between deep mined coal mines and open cast operations.

The Hickleton Colliery Rescue team
This photograph was sent to us by David Parry, who tells us his father, William, is the figure third from the left.

My Uncle
Thanks to Colin for sending this to us

Bush family's dirty little secret
Dave found this on the net and thought he'd share it with us

A Sacked Miner's Lament
Les Eiffion 'The Welshman 37' Fearn says 'Sacked Miner' is still a dirty word

Oil, Democracy and War
Weekly Worker 448 Thursday September 19 2002

The Pennsylvania mine rescue and the human cost of coal
By Paul Sherman and Bill Vann

by G.Mckie

Joost van Steenis

Weekly Worker 403 Thursday October 11 2001
Revolution and counterrevolution

Money doesn't talk, it swears. - Bob Dylan