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Mesothelioma Prognosis

Dear David Douglass,

I came across your Miner's Advice page today and noticed our sites share a similar interest in the health and wellness of miners. I think you have a fantastic resource for miners and other visitors for your site. The information and resources you provide are both useful and relevant. My name is Allie Franco and I am the Communications Director for Mesothelioma Prognosis. As you are probably aware, mesothelioma is one of the deadliest forms of cancer today.

I feel my site,, can be an excellent resource for your visitors to learn about the dangers of this disease.

Mining represents a profession of numerous hazards, with tragic accidents common even today. However, even if miners escape immediate dangers, like mine collapse or flooding, they must still face the dangers posed by chemicals in these environments, like asbestos. A naturally-occurring mineral found in underground deposits throughout the world, asbestos exposure leads to an incurable cancer, mesothelioma, especially when the dust collects in enclosed environments.

I noticed on your Places of Interest page,, that you direct visitors to other health-related websites, including another mesothelioma link. Our site, Mesothelioma Prognosis is a great resource which covers all aspects of the horrible disease including the causes, diagnosis, and prognosis. I would be grateful if you shared our site with visitors on that page to help raise awareness of the risk mesothelioma poses. Ideally, this would be a single text link to Mesothelioma Prognosis. I look forward to your response.


Allie Franco