Your View

...on economics and bullshit

As the country is slowly choked to death, penniless and poverty stricken to the point where Libraries and Public toilets are closed, fire services closed, hospitals and schools closed, welfare provisions cut to the bone, there seems to be money slushing around somewhere.

The Times reports that the richest 1,000 in this country saw their collective wealth
increase by £64. 5 BILLION in the last year.

Dont forget thats on top of their EXisting wealth.

3 Banks , separately own more than the wealth of the whole country. All the money we drained from everywhere else to bail out the bankers has broke the public purse, but their private wealth keeps on growing. We got nowt in return, and despite the threat to reign them in (how ?) they continue to pay disgusting million £ bonuses and multi million £ salaries. "You see" they tell us capitalism is the only system that works. But capitalism isnt supposed to rest on massive taxation of society, its supposed to generate wealth itself and 'trickle down' to the rest of us. That aint what's happening is it ? They rob our meagre resources to keep themselves in luxury and play with the wealth the rest of us have created in the first place. One might ask a very old question at this point. Why do we need them ? If its our wealth, and our money, and our needs, why dont we just make the things we need ourselves, keep the wealth we generate ourselves through a national and international plan and get rid of them ? But that, is what they call 'socialism' they will cry...Oh, that's why they hate it. They not us would loose out by a socialist system instead of a capitalist one. Dont be fooled either by the lie that socialism is totalitarian, socialism has to be democratic, has to be run by the mass of the people themselves, or it doesnt work. Socialism without democracy isnt socialism, democracy without socialism isnt democratic. So next time you hear the lie, there isnt an alturnative you know damn well there is.