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To Dave Douglass
I was in the Miners Strike of 84/85 and got took at orgreave with some miners from the Lancs. area. I did 6mths in armley prison on remand for inciting riots. When charges came up all charges against myself and others were dismissed. When we came out we were sacked and lost our pensions and rights as miners. I myself worked at Parkside South. Wigan. Lancs and other local collierys from 1965/85 OVER 21YRS.Though Tribunuals and Reviews over 18yrs I am still fighting to get 'Reinstated', though there is no job to get reinstated to, so me and 1 or 2 other sacked miner could get our pension and other rights back.

I may sound bitter but even the 'scabs' got a better deal than us sacked due to the government. Arthur Scargill made us all a promise that all sacked miners, no matter what, would all be compensated due to the strike, and to me that still stands. I am now 54 and am still in poverty after losing my home, wife, and financial stability. My workmate George 'Juddy' Lewis died penniless november 2002,aged 72, who couldn't take life anymore and hung himself cause he could not bear the thought of going into sheltered accom. away from his friends. As we may have done things because of the situation at the time,us that were sacked should be compensated, instead of Reviews but as it is we are still in direct poverty,so no matter what legal reps do,we are still in the same position after 18yrs fighting for rights so we can move on.

Some days are really bad for us, as 'Sacked Miner' is still a dirty word in some areas, still yet after all these yrs, in our search for work, as I have found out.This is not just about me,but the experience of our lives yet and the struggle that goes on every day.I myself maybe going to Glammorgan University to read Welsh History, if I can get funding by student loans.I don't now what you can do, maybe something, news ect or whatever is on offer, maybe nothing for any of us sacked. I hope to hear from you, in the future.

Yours Sincerely
Les Eiffion 'The Welshman 37'Fearn.

My E,mail address is WELSHMAN37@hotmail. COMM.