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by G.Mckie

At Trentham Colliery, we broke all records,
At Vane Tempest, we broke our back,
Gave you loyalty, and productivity,
Now you’ve given us all the sack.

We’ve hewed coal for generations,
Fathers, brothers, and sons as well,
Fuelled the Industrial Revolution,
Working in the bowels of hell.

Thirty-one pits now face closure,
Whilst power generators burn foreign coal,
And your policies now face exposure,
But our reward will be the dole.

You say it’s down to economics,
But the market’s rigged, and it’s not true,
We won’t give up, we’ll keep on fighting,
Though the collieries left are oh so few.

For the promises have all been broken,
As gas, they say, gives less pollution,
And the social costs have not been measured,
It’s just another quick-fix solution.