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Shoot to Kill = Extrajudicial Killings = Assassination = State Sanctioned Cold Blooded Murder

Finally the public pretence is over. The 'brothers' Blair, Sir Ian and Tony, are no longer trying to deceive the public with the Dixon of Dock Green police personna. It was a deception that failed many years ago in mining areas, perhaps even before PC Dixon was invented, but still persisted.

The shoot to kill policy was refined by the butcher of Sabra and Shatila, Ariel Sharon. It is now the fully endorsed policy of the British police force, and is here to stay. Sir Ian Blair, the Metropolitan Police Commissioner, says that further mistakes will be made, but the policy would remain 'in order to protect!' This surely negates the self-justifying apology that followed the assassination of Jean Charles de Menezes - which now translates to, sorry but we'd do it again.

The prediction that further loss of life will occur due to police mistakes is hardly surprising for a number of reasons;

They cannot tell the difference between a table leg and a gun, as in Harry Stanley's case.

An intelligence led assassination is wholly dependent upon the accuracy of information. The tragedy of the Iraq war is testimony to the failings here.

In de Menezes' (a Brazilian) case they said his inappropriate clothing increased their suspicions. When in Cuba a couple of years ago the temperature dropped from 35C to 26C the locals took to wearing jumpers and jackets. And have you noticed what the young punters in town wear on a Friday or Saturday night in mid winter? Hardly a reason to receive seven shots to the head and one in the shoulder!

So this is police state Britain. Failure to obey police instructions will result in summary execution. Shot in the head whilst restrained and detained. Do not go to prison, do not pass go, do not stand trial - die.

Dave Edwards

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