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As a regular visitor to your site, I am contacting you in the hope that you
can disseminate the attached article to the appropriate people, if they are
not already aware. I am one of many objectors in our area (llkeston,
Derbyshire) currently fighting opencast applications, mostly from UKCM. We
have had opencast here almost constantly since 1942, and we've had enough of
all the problems it brings. There is great sympathy with the plight of this
country's last deep mines, but little for opencast mining.

The following link demonstrates the stuff UKCM are spouting, and I consider
it lies and hypocrisy against a background of continuing pit closures (POW,
Selby, Clipstone), scaling down at Ellington, and back to Victorian values
at Kellingley and others. UKCM are clearly replacing contracted output with
opencast where they can, thus freeing up their property portfolio. They
promote the creation of a few opencast sector jobs, which are solely
relocations, whilst tearing up whole deep-mine communities in search of
greater profit.


I thought someone should know what this despicable organisation is saying in
other parts of the country - I hope it helps.

The additional link to Fionn Taylor's website may be of interest - I have a
few contributions on there.


Best Regards,

Joe Henshaw.