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I got talking to someone (Dot) at work who's husband (Dennis) is claiming respitory compensation. I was shown the 0800 ad. in the paper, & said I wonder if my arsehole uncle was involved in administering those negligent work practices, he had a high ranking position with the coal board durin the 60s &70s in London. Dot said Dennis knew of him, he (my uncle) was a member of the communist party through which he met Gormley, & persuaded him to move with him to London. Dennis said at the time Gormley was a leading figure in the union at his Liverpool area pit. Now my uncle served in the army with some distinction in a Scottish regiment as an officer . He left at a young age so as to raise a family.Through his contacts he aquired a job with the coal board in the Dunfermiline area. At the time(according to my mother & uncle George was a member) it was trendy for any young ambitious social climber to join the communist party, because of the sitting member Willie Gallacher. Knowing my uncle he probably remained a member on realising the contacts he could make,even after the right wing Labourite Willie Hamilton won the seat.My uncle's successful liason with Gormley was rewarded with a high profile accountancy promotion, plus bonus'es & relocation to London, in early 60s.Where Dennis says the pair successfully took away the miners % bonus of the cut away footage.On the introduction of new cutting machinary, & it was deemed to be to extravagant to issue the miners with respitory masks (cost saving). Ironic to that Hamilton should be an outspoken critic of Arthur Scargill.Plus this infiltration of the union by coal board management, (via the communist party) could even explain how the pension schemes were siphoned off. Dot & Dennis are known for their odd tall story,but most of what I said seems to stack up, anyhow hope I've been of some help. Regards Colin.