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Veggie World Co. Ltd

Veggie World Co. Ltd

While doing my big Chinese shop in Newcastle at the Chinese Supermarket on Stowe Street ( my favourite street in the toon) I made a most remarkable discovery.

A big chest freezer full of entirely vegetarian and mostly vegan foods. I couldn't believe it and kept coming back up to the bemused Chinese shop lasses to ask "where they quite sure" all of this stuff was non animal, they were sure. I bought £50 worth of the stuff, and meal times are a voyage of discovery and delight. How many times do non vegetarians ask of Vegans "what the hell do you eat ?" With this range of products that question will receive a very much more comprehensive answer.

For me it is opening up all the recipe books, not just vegetarian and vegan, because now there is a full range of vegan ‘meats’ and ‘fish’ flavours and sauces which fully replace their dead animal equivalents. Their catalogue interestingly illustrates some of the products served as meals, which is helpful if you are thinking "what do I do with this one" .

The company offers a mail order service, and runs an excellent Chinese vegan restaurant, cafe and take away, you should just see the menu ! This is situated 150 -152 Queensway Bletchley, Milton Keynes, Tuesday to Sat 11-30 am to 2-30 and 5.00 until 10:30 p.m. . Sunday 5.pm to 10-30 p.m.. ( 01908 63 22 88 ) a bit off the beaten track for most of us unfortunately. However their mail order service opens up the full range of their truly remarkable spread of meals for you to have a bash at , at home. Mealtimes will never be the same again.

Some people may ask if your a vegetarian or a vegan why eat a meat ‘substitute’ meal with a name like chicken or ham or fish, or shaped like a sausage etc. People who ask this question entirely miss the point. There is no animal which looks like a sausage or burger stake its just a convenient shape but even if there was we are not against a particular shape or a name, we are against killing animals or exploiting their produce. If we can manufacture a food range from non animal sources which is nutritious and tasty we can survive ourselves and also make it easier for people especially those with hectic life styles to make the switch from dead animals to non-animal food, by offering a straight swap in their recipe or diet.

By the way, non of this food has anything in common with some of the cardboard substitutes of yesteryear, this stuff is real solid, tasty grub. I am delighted to have found this range of products and hope you will be too.

Try their website www.veggie-world.com e-mail; sales@veggie-world.com

David Douglass