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Eurovision Song Contest

What Political Backlash?


Terry Wogan, hardly the most politically cued up of commentators, gave the thicky press their que by saying that the reason why Britain's entry to the Eurovision Song Contest, got nowt, was a backlash to Britain's brown nosing of George W and American big business invading Iraq. Well, it is always possible of course, so how did the other countries which supported the war get on, they too would surely score nil points ? Well what about Spain ? Spain supported the US and Britain (only verbally of course, they sent no troops, but they did join the statement of support ) They didnt receive any backlash and scored well. What about Israel (it beats us how Israel in the middle east can be a contestant in a European contest in the first place, probably the only political thing in the whole affair. ) Israel could be said to be the source of the war, they were overjoyed at America's bashing of Iraq, did they get the 'backlash' ? No they scored very well. Finally of course Turkey, who allowed troops and supplies to go through Turkey and into Iraq, WON the competition. So the charge of political punishment doesn't stand up. So lets look at the entry. A poor attempt to steal the Kylie long legged show us your bum, technique, and a Jason Donovan type song, which the two singers never succeeded in finding a key for. She started flat, he came in flat, and they sang a duet of flatness in three different keys, one each for the singers and the band. It was dire, that is why they got nowt, they deserved nowt. As for us, never let it be said we are politically correct, we fancied Russia, the song wasn't bad either.

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