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All Power To The Imagination - Dave Douglass - Pub. The Class war Federation 1999

To the spirit of the rebel snowman

The Miners of Silverwood, having been told they were confined to six pickets only, built themselves a seventh comrade in the shape of a large snowman,wearing for good measure a plastic policeman's helmet.

Next morning, Chief Inspector Nesbitt appears on the scene and seeing the jeering miners and their steely eyed companion, ordered the constables to knock it down . This order brought rebellion to the police ranks as PCs declined to, "look so fucking stupid knocking down a snowman". "Very well," shouts the irate Nesbitt, jumping in his Range Rover and charging off to demolish the snowman, as pickets ran laughing for cover.

Maybe it was a trick of the light, or maybe a twinkle glistened in the icy countenance on the snowman's fixed expression - we shall never know, as the Range Rover made contact and came to a dead stop, smashing front grill, bumper and headlamps and hurling the shocked Nesbitt into the steering wheel. PCs found excuses to walk away or supress body shaking laughter while pickets fell about on the ground with side splitting mirth. The snowman had been constructed around a three foot high two foot thick concrete post!

Dave Douglass - All power to the imagination!

Published by The Class War Federation 1999

£5.00 + p&p

Dave Douglass BA. MA.

Mental !!!

New from ChristieBooks
Published September 29, 2008

Geordies — Wa Mental, is the first volume in the
autobiographical trilogy (Stardust and Coaldust) of David John Douglass, a coalminer for 40 years. It tells the fascinating story of the radicalisation of a working-class Geordie ‘baby-boomer’ during the first twenty years of his life and provides a unique and valuable insight into the political and cultural movements of the 1960s.

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Pit sense versus the State : (A history of the militant miners of the Doncaster area)

Pheonix Press

P.O. Box 824

London N1 9DL

ISBN 094 89 84 260

A Year of Our Lives: (Hatfield Main, a colliery community in the great coal strike of 1984 - 85)

A year of our lives A year of our lives - back cover

On Saturday 10th march 1984, Hatfield NUM called an emergency branch meeting. Cars with loudspeakers on top had toured the villages calling everyone to the Welfare Hall in Stainforth.

"Everyone knew this day would come"

Published by Hooligan Press

Compiled and narrated by David Douglass

ISBN 1 86 98 02 02 2

This book is dedicated by the people of Hatfield Colliery to Alan Ball, a tireless picket and worker in the community during the strike.

Charge of the Left Brigade: (The Left, Working Class Trade Unionism and the Experience of The Miners)

A Progressive& Just Cause (The Irish Struggle)

Two articles in Heavy Stuff Issue 5

Class War Discussion Magazine

Published by Class War

PO Box 467

London E83 QX

A Miner's Life

By Dave Douglass and Joel Krieger

Published by Routledge & Keegan Paul

ISBN 07 100 947 3-6

Worms Of The Earth : The Miner's Own Story

Article in People's History and Socialist Theory

Edited by Raphael Samuel

Published by Routledge & Keegan Paul

ISBN 07 100 06 52 7

The Durham Pitmen

By Dave Douglass

Two chapters of Miners, Quarrymen & Saltworkers

Edited by Raphael Samuel

Published by Routledge & Keegan Paul

ISBN 07 100 83 54 8

The Big Meeting : A people's view of the Durham Miner's Gala

Intro by David Douglass

Published by Trade Unions Publication Service in Association with Northern Voices and Index Books

ISBN 1-87 15 18-10-5

C. Stream on Tyneside

Chapter in patriotism, "The making and unmaking of British National Identity"

Volume 2

Minorities and Outsiders

Edited by Raphael Samuel

Published by Routledge & Keegan Paul

ISBN 0-415-01302-X

The Doncaster Panel 1969-84

How the strike began at Hatfield Main.

Agit. prop. - delegate speech at Hatfield Main.

Pit - delegate report, Hatfield Main, March 1985.

Lost rights at Hatfield Main - November 1985

After thoughts - Letter, March 1986.

Articles in The Enemy Within (Pit villages and the miners strike of 1984-85)

Edited by Raphael Samuel / Barbara Bloomfield / Guy Boakas

Pub. Routledge & Keegan Paul 1986

ISBN 0-7102-0888-X

A Century Of Struggle, Britains Miners In Pictures 1889-1989

Pub. NUM,

"We commend this book, which depicts vividly our Union's ongoing battle against exploitation. It is a testament to generation after generation of miners whose struggle continues to inspire workers everywhere."

Arthur Scargill
Peter Heathfield

National Union Of Mineworkers - June 1989

£7 Postpaid in Britian and Europe
£9 (or equivilent) post paid USA

Available from Advice Centre , money with order please.

30 years of class war caught on video

Incorporating :-

a.. Where Do I Stand, a 1970 BBC production with Dave as a very youthful Trot with his revolutionary miners paper The Mineworker.

b.. Here We Go, a 1985 TV fly on the wall, documentary about the great strike.

c.. Living With The Enemy. the famous Ch 4 production on class, The Anarchist and The Aristocrat, Dave and Lord Rowallen battle it out for a week. Oct. 1999

d.. Kilroy, on class, Dave in the hot seat V almost everybody else on set. May 2000.

£10 postpaid, from the Advice Centre, or £7 to collect.

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