The Big Hewer

Who is Dave Douglass?

For 29 years David or Dave (or "Danny The Red", as he is more popularly known around the mining community of Stainforth and Hatfield) worked as a coal miner in the coal fields of Durham and South Yorkshire. Since 1979 he has been the elected NUM Branch Delegate for Hatfield Colliery.

In 1994/5 he became Branch Secretary at Hatfield Main but after the pit was privatised the NUM no longer had any recognition there.

In 1994 he opened the Miners Community Advice Centre in Stainforth so that he may help the people from the mining community - working miners, ex-miners and their widows and dependants.
The centre also acts as a political, sociological and Trade Union Centre, taking up the causes affecting the Mining Industry and Mining Community.

The Miners Community Advice Centre closed in 2006

Dave has wrote a number of books, including his autobiography; "Geordies - Wa Mental" and "All power to the imagination" which is about the "revolutionary class struggle in trade unions and the petty bourgeois fetish of organisational purity"

Politically Dave describes himself as "a revolutionary Marxist on the Anarchist left, and a member of South Yorkshire Class War and the IWW"

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