Miners Chest Claims

Respiratory problems claims, for miners former miners and families of deceased miners.


Dave Douglass from the Mining Communities Advice Centre will advise you as to the best method of claiming and what are the best possible options.

Chronic Bronchitis and or emphysema are also known collectively as COAD.
Chronic Obstructive Airways Disease. Something like 30,000 people per year die of this condition. Half of them are miners. Because it is now clearly proven the mine environment is a major cause of death and injury among miners, miners or miners families can claim. Firstly you can claim against the former employers, usually the NCB. Secondly in the case of living miners you can claim to the DSS. Posthumous claims to the DSS are also possible if undertaken rapidly after death, but with very limited financial gain if any.

This is not to be confused with claims for Pneumoconiosis which is a different process Dave can assist you with. Miners widows in particular ought to contact Dave prior to the inquests if at all possible or as soon as possible afterwards if not.

The deadline for registering your claim, or the claim of your father, grandfather or relative is March 2004.

Before you speak to anyone else or submit a claim with anyone else best talk to Dave.

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None miners can still claim. You should talk to Dave as to the best way forward, for all manual workers who wish to claim, both against their employers and to the DSS.

Miners can still claim to the DSS, and we will assist you with this. Legal claims in general, negligence, industrial issues etc. we can co-ordinate and process For you.

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